Born of Cameroonian parents on November 30th, 1991, Tamfu Terry Ngala aka  Taigenz has been honing his skills as an artist and performer since he was 11 years  old. At 16 years old, he put together a 16 track compilation entitled “First Impressions”  which his first complete project of music distributed to his closest peers and those  around him. 

“'First Impressions' was like building a house using styrofoam. The goal wasn't for it to  be a buzzworthy long lasting project, it was just to test myself and see if I could actually  put a sequence of original songs and freestyles together and package it using nothing  but home tools and try it on the people around me. Part of building the foundation.” 

In 2010, he released “Mr. 514 (The PreTape)” as his first mixtape which helped  him gain notoriety and new fans. He has then released the follow up project, the street album “Mr. 514” in 2012. Working with various local producers, Taigenz took up the task of manufacturing and promoting his album independently, selling many during his three-year career program at Dawson College.

“The whole point of these last 2 projects was to introduce myself, and to have a product to start pushing to people who liked what they heard, while developing a home grown sound.” 

He has since invested all the money from his past mixtapes into professionally producing more music and developing his career. In 2013, Taigenz embarked on a three-city tour with the Wu-Tang Clan affiliate member to Ottawa, Toronto and Hamilton. Having opened for American hip-hop artists like Canibus, M.O.P., Denzel Curry, and performed in Paris, Atlanta and a number of Canadian colleges and universities, he has begun to regard his Canadian and African heritage as a growing part of his persona;

“By performing in foreign countries, I've realized that it's such a factor in my artist  identity. As we speak, Canada’s position in Hip-Hop on a worldwide scale is being cemented. A major reason for this is due to our light skinned Godfather, Mr. Graham. We are in the Drake Era.” 

As a teenager, Taigenz developed his music as part of a collective of other hip-hop artists called Black Glovez which opened for Big K.R.I.T. At the Belmont and Wiz Khalifa at MTL's Corona Theater. While artists like Nipsey Hussle, J. Cole, Kevin Gates, Kendrick Lamar and Drake are some of his current inspirations, Taigenz cites influences of a by-gone era like Nas, Eminem, 50 cent, Tupac, Biggie, Jay Z; a soon-to-be retiring generation of hip-hop pioneers and rap game-changers. 

“At the time [in my teens], I was in my little purist bubble where I swore 90s hip hop was the best. Wasn't until the emergence of other regions and their sounds that made start appreciating what other types of artists had to offer. This is what I aim to do with the Muntree EP, show love for the cultural versatility that my city is famous for. Muntree is where you can have a Chinese man make you a poutine and speak French with a Haitian accent. I also aim to add my the sound of my African background into the mix. Muntree is where you use your roots to grow your riches.” 

In 2015, he released the “Muntree EP”. A 7 track project all produced by musical partner/producer/DJ Chamandy which garnered moderate local attention. He has now followed up with his latest project called ''Sin Miedo'' which is spanish for ''Without Fear'' and is currently available on all streaming platforms.